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Bringing BIG Party Activities into your Small World!

Girls at Outdoor Party

Imagine This...

You are getting ready to host a party at your house. All of your favorite girlfriends are coming and you have set the stage for fun! Streamers hanging, mimosa bar prepared, your hottest music playlist already in rotation. Your first friend arrives, all smiles, handing you a bottle of wine to add to the bar. Excited, she asks, “So, what are we doing today?!"

And this is when you realize... you threw a party but don't actually have any party activities planned! Eeeek! You can't do ice breakers, because everyone knows everyone and we are too old for pin the tail on the donkey!

…..Have you ever hosted a Plant & Sip Party?

Shellie Small

…..This is where Smallworld Production comes in! My name is Shellie Small, and I bring Big Party Activities into your Small World.

I specialize in uniquely designed event activities for adult shindigs! If you want to have a standout summer party, a unique wedding reception or a birthday soiree to remember for decades to come, you need to host a Smallworld Production!


No matter what kind of party you’re planning, we have activities to match. We’ll handle everything required to make our activities happen, including materials, set up and break down!


Party in Peoria

Bring your friends and host your event at my event space in Peoria! I'll facilitate the activities!

Party Time!

Party on Location

I'll bring the activities to you. Just tell me the theme and where to. I'll come out and facilitate!

Party Props

Party in a Box

For the hostess with the mostest! I'll supply you with the activities and you take it from there!

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About Shellie

Shellie Small is a MBA Healthcare Management Magna Cum Laude Graduate, who serves as Franchise Owner for Pinspiration Peoria, founder of Smallworld Productions, Berry Bougie, and a Business Consultant for Thee CRM Group!


Shellie didn’t find activities coordination, activities coordination found her! As a natural organizer, networker and connector, she can see a vision and quickly have an idea on how to put it all together! In her tribe of friends, she has always been the one to take on and organize the event activities or coordinate relaxing and fun-filled vacations for her family. It just came natural! 


In her previous Corporate role, she was the Events Co-Chair for the African-American Diversity & Inclusion Business Group, where she partnered with other business groups to bring about awareness and focus on diversity & inclusion in a fun, educational way. The role allowed her to foster her passion of coordinating fun activities in the workplace! From there, she was tasked to be on the Department Events Committee to coordinate several activities throughout the year for the entire department and their executive leadership. As a Franchise Owner of a Craft & Wine studio, she has been able to put on unique event activities that have brought many together to create long-lasting memories!


Shellie is able to customize and create a memorable themed activity, for any event - whether it be a celebration of birthdays, life, anniversaries, or just to have a good time! She is passionate about family, creating memories and collaborating with others to be unapologetically authentic! Let her help you make your next event the talk of the town!

We had a GREAT NIGHT and you and your staff are the BEST in Arizona! 

A. Ridley-Mills

My daughter and I had such a great time, meeting new friends and learning with them as well! We'd love to see more!

C. Downing

Thank you for having me! I had such a great time. You all impressed me!

E. Sampson



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